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Original equipment manufacturer quality at aftermarket prices. That’s the Fleetline product guarantee. In addition, we offer a very comprehensive programme, marketing support, and our experienced team will advise you where necessary. Don’t wait! Join other successful wholesalers and fleet owners in taking advantage of the Fleetline programme.

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You undoubtedly know Fleetline from our range of brake parts for trucks and trailers. We have brake pads, brakes discs, brake drums, and brake shoes for both new and older and less common models. In addition, we now also offer a range of EGT and NOx sensors for modern trucks, so we can provide you with a high-quality product in better-than-original condition here as well.

Disc Brakes

Our disc brakes are among the best on the market and, in most cases, are ECE certified.

Brake pads

Brake pads with friction material for high braking power with a long service life.

Brake drums

Brake drums are still widely used today. We offer the widest range in the EU.

Brake shoes

Fast delivery due to readily accessible supply and sets for almost all trucks and trailers available.


Sensors are an important element in modern trucks. Take a look at our EGT and NOx sensors.


We currently do business in more than 15 countries


Our customers value our products and support


More than 250 products and continuing to grow


Our team of experts has over 40 years of combined experience

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We are proud of our satisfied customers around the world

We buy direct from Parts Factory for their wide selection and good price/quality ratio. 
Because Parts Factory maintains a high level of stock, we can quickly supply our customers with Fleetline brake parts.

Remco Clavant

Product Manager at Wijlhuizen

For us, the most important reasons to promote Fleetline are its high quality, wide product range, and reliable delivery thanks to an extensive stock. Fleetline products offer you value for your money.

Peter Meeus

Director at Beneparts

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